ᬩᬮᬶ – Island of Gods

“I need a towel” travels through my mind as I begin my travels in Kuta Beach, In Bali Indonesia 🇮🇩

Now, despite towels being reasonably cheap, the shop keepers try to “rip off” the tourists so I come with my mind Steele for war. In my mind I want a Towel for about $5 USD or 50,000 Indonesian Rupiah (Not really the correct conversion but we will get there.)

“How much for the towel” I say in English playing the part of the goofy tourist.

“Very Cheap. Ten Dollars.” The shop keeper says because its Bali and of course he speaks English well enough for transaction and quotes me in US Currency

“Berapa? Satu retus empat puluh ribu? Mahal Sekali!” (How Much? 140 Thousand? Very expensive.) I say trying to strike fear into his heart that I haven’t forgotten all my Bahasa.

“No, 100 Thousand.”

*Sidebar: Traditionally 1 USD = 10,000 Indonesian Rupiah (So $10 was 100,000 IDR). When I arrived in 2013 it was 1 = 11,500 before jumping up to 13,500 and spurts into the 14,500 range. Again Currencies are susceptible to my particular destabilizing political aura but as of today 1 USD = 14,125ish IDR. Regardless when bargaining despite the fact that 100K is really 7 Dollars they still say $10.

We go back and forth before I finally walk out with VICTORY!: two towels for 75,000 Rupiah ($5.30).

Despite the fact that this guy probably made out like a bandit, my temporary euphoria at getting a “Good Deal” is shuttered by my next thought:

“What the Hell Do I need TWO towels for?”

Truth be told I travel light, even for a 10 Day Trip everything allowing me to look “Normal” whether in a Beach or a Club is stuffed into a Carry On Backpack.

I planned on leaving the towel behind and now I have to leave two behind in Bali. I should probably give the plastic wrapped unused towel back to that dude whose still counting my money.

Walking along the beach I start thinking of the neurotransmitters and the dopamine involved in the transaction and how I had to “Win” the negotiations. Let’s be honest for a second, I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on dumb shit in my life and the boys in accounting won’t even realize this expenditure in the life audit, while Homeboy just fed his family for the day.

Why must my desire for negotiative climax leave me walking along the Beach with two towels when I only needed one?

As I walked along the shoreline, waves crashing higher and higher: the tides rising with my thought pattern I spy an alluring figure in a bikini 👙.

She’s on a beach towel supine, with her hat covering her face, with blonde hair strewing out.

I notice a huge wave coming in and it completely engulfs the woman when I’m no more than 10 feet from her. 🌊 🙎🏼‍♀️

She gets up exasperated and is shocked with her towel and hat being completely soaked.

My stride aligned with her immediate bad fortune I reach into my bag for something that she might need.

“I have an extra towel, I don’t mind if you keep it.” I say as I smile at her.

I’m not kidding she didn’t even thank me at first. She kind of gurgled a little bit shocked from the drenching and now the least likely guardian angel in the universe coming to her aid.

I start walking away and 2 seconds later with my back turned I hear an Aussie accent.

“I’m sorry, I never thanked you.”

“You don’t have to.” I said turning just enough for her to see her rescuers shit eating grin.

Maybe I should have thanked her. Technically she did me a favor. I think too much and talk even more but, when it is all said and done there is a purpose within the chaos of the universe.

Thank You, Universe and Aussie Chick, for reminding me of that 😉

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