🦀 Crab Legs! 🦀

The quality of the food really goes up when you are dormed with the National athletes. The past few nights have been Beef and Chicken and lamb and shrimps and tonight we even had…

🦀 Crab legs! 🦀

When I saw the crab legs, in an all you can eat setting Inside of China’s itself I let out a Chuckle that a few of the Chinese noticed.

They asked me what was so funny and I said:

“Let me take a picture of the crab legs, my friends back home will laugh. Then I will tell you a story of how I went to war with your chinese cousins.”:

Back in 2004 I was in Charlotte, North Carolina for a work trip when I noticed a Chinese Buffet next to the Holliday Inn I was staying at. Buffets were great because with a $30 per diem meal allowance I could stave off starvation by stealing bagels from the continental breakfast in the morning, skip lunch and pocket about $20 a day after buffet expenditures.

Even better With a decent amount of scheduling I could engorge myself at lunch prices, skip dinner and make it to the next day with an extra few dollars in my pocket.

I walk over at about 3:30 when their $5 lunch was still ongoing and I had such an opportunity.

After sampling some of the regular foods I started eating the shrimp that provided 80% of my meal. Between the peeling and what not this takes time. I get a call from work and I talk with my scheduler for 25-35 minutes. I get off the phone and go to get one more plate of shrimp when I notice they are starting to bring out crab legs. I figure dinner time is coming soon and I should leave. I finish my plate of shrimp and ask the waiter for the bill. The waiter brings back a bill for $10.

Me: “Excuse me, I was here for lunch and this is the dinner price of $10, its not a huge deal but I just wanted to bring it to your attention.”

Waiter: “I go get manager, I be right back.”

The manager comes over and immediately doesn’t allow me to get a word in edgewise

Manager: “It 5:15! You here past 5 O’Crock. When you here past 5 O’Crock you pay for crab reg.”

Me: (Now annoyed) “I didn’t even eat crab reg” (Yes, I said “crab reg”)

Manager: “NO! Past 5 O’crock you pay for Crab reg.”

Me: “Then I’m not done yet.”

I proceed back to the buffet and grab two plates. I proceed to scoop out EVERY SINGLE CRAB LEG IN THE BIN. I bring them back to my table and start to eat them. 45 minutes later I finish the plates and head back to the buffet to initiate round two of crab legs. The manager flies over to intercept before hitting the buffet to make me an offer:

“Sir, if you reave now we give you runch price.”

Victorious with my point proven I decide to leave on a high note as the waiter heads over with a tab for $5.

As money was never the issue, I left them $15 as a piece offering and as I left I noticed the sign on the door that says “You must leave by 5 PM to get lunch prices” showing that I was in clear violation of the policy.

“And that…” I was telling my astonished Chinese Colleges today “That is why I laughed when I saw those crab legs just sitting there. All for the taking.”

“You can go get more” a colleague said.

I turned around and looked at the tray of Crab legs in all their garlicky goodness.

We know how 2004 Marc would have handled that situation, but 2020 Marc?

“You know what, I’m good. Let’s just call it even.”

🇨🇳 🤝 🇺🇸


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