🇮🇪☘️St. Patricks Day☘️🇮🇪

St. Patrick was born and raised in Roman Occupied Britain (Wait What?!?) and was eventually captured by savage Irish Pirates before being smuggled into The Potato laden Green Rock and used as slave labor. It was during his enslavement in Ireland that he turned from his wayward ways as a rebellious youth towards the lord. 6 years later he escaped bondage eventually finding his way back to his boyhood home in Roman Britain in his early 20s.

In one of the earliest cases of Stockholm Syndrome Patrick returned to Ireland and in the grand tradition of all Brit’s hectored the various bands of Celtics and Druid’s on how to conduct their religious affairs. Despite being routinely beaten and robbed he did manage to make it to old age dying 1559 years ago today.

Hallmark taking the decapitation of a Roman priest during and orgy and turning it into a festival of Chocolate and Roses is quit the feat but Scurvy ridden Irish pirates enslaving a limey Brit, claiming him as your own and getting everyone drunk today… well that takes The Jameson any day of the week. 🇮🇪☘️🇮🇪😉

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