Dodging Bias, Avoiding The Kill Shot

I'm even wearing my "Chiropractor by Day, Deadly Ninja by Night" Shirt. I also keep reading his handle as "Powersperm" A couple of months ago I found myself in a Twitter argument with a Chemist with 6,000 Imaginary friends, reminding me why you shouldn’t have substantive scientific arguments with the scientific illiterate with only 280 … Continue reading Dodging Bias, Avoiding The Kill Shot

“After the Adjustment…”

There is a period in the Chiroverse that transcends the normal 3-Dimensional limitations within the time-space continuum. This period of time is simply known as: “After the Adjustment” “After the adjustment” is not a set period of time which can be quantitatively measured but is very situational dependent.  For example if a patient feels INSTANTANEOUS … Continue reading “After the Adjustment…”