The Journey Continues…

My Name is Marc Tafuro, I am a Chiropractor with close to two decades professional experience, 10 Years in Southern California and over the past 5 Years of which living and practicing in Asia, in Particular Order: Indonesia, Thailand, China and the Philippines.

Within the profession we hear of “Chiro Ninjas”, hopefully for speed and professionalism and not assassination technique.

I identify more with the another character of Feudal Japan (1185–1868) the Ronin (Rōnin 浪人, “drifter” or “wanderer”) a samurai without a lord or master.  This identity was discovered by my residing, working and traveling within the many cultures in Asia.

Chiropractic is a profession which by it’s nature requires you to plant roots, namely a practice which must grow.  Having abandoned that in Southern California, and turning away from the professional connections of the New York of my youth I drifted to Asia, Jakarta Indonesia specifically several years ago in search of, well for a restless soul I suppose we all want peace.

I thought Jakarta  might be a permanent spot before possibly settling into a teaching job in Malaysia.  Instead I have practiced in several cultures, consulting and setting up practices in Cultures where Chiropractic is in part unrecognized.

New York – Newport – Jakarta – Bangkok -Surabaya – Beijing – Shanghai – Manila – Cebu – parts unknown and yet to be discovered that’s a lot of places for a weary soul that’s only halfway done with the race. Cities and Suburbs and beaches, to the concrete jungles intruding on Nature and still I haven’t found “home”.

“Homeless” again, a wayward Ronin with nowhere to rest and sheath the Katana and retire the kamishimo.

Maybe thats the point, maybe we’re supposed to keep moving, restless at the thought of complacency, never satisfied with anything resembling the familiar except to collect our thoughts.  “Homes” just over the horizon and peace inclusive to the journey.

The future is bright. It always is, isn’t it.

I’m optimistic.

There is still love in this world, and we all still want peace.

And, when it’s all been said and done..I still believe We’ll find a place called “Home”…

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