Tipping the Scale

A couple of months back in Manila, right after friends complimenting me on being “skinny”, I proceeded to turn my body into an amusement park and gain 6 and a half pounds in 12 hours.

This was accomplished by Tacos, Burritos, Beer and a just drunk enough to make a poor nutritional decision to eat eggs Benedict at the Filling Station at 4 AM. (I maintain it was an excellent life decision, just a poor nutritional one.)

Believe it or not I hit the sack at 5 AM and at 9 AM, post “elimination” 4 of those six pounds were magically Gone.


My to fast my way to Manila pre-gorge body composition for my Indonesia trip failed spectacularly as I had friends in town and you would by relatively unsurprised the biochemical consequences of hitting the hay at 9:30 vs not ignoring the text message rolling in, going out till 2 AM, several drinks and why not have the burger 🍔 can do.

From Beijing to Bali to Surabaya my weight was creeping up which in the grand scheme of things doesn’t matter and when I hit Jakarta I was starting to get a tad portly.

Food, even consumed on vacation, is from a biochemical standpoint, Fuel, and having thrown a ton of fuel into the furnace I was impressed with how much weight I was able to move and also the reps and volume. Granted the Shangri-La Jakarta isn’t Golds in Venice Beach in the Arnold and Franco days but it’s something.

After weight training hard I skipped dinner and basically passed out. I proceeded to urinate several times during the night, which seemed odd and in the morning, 12 hours later, I was down 8 lbs.

Not to be outdone I ate and drank and had two desserts the next day and the weight maintained.

We worship the scale, which can be misleading, when we really should be studying the chemistry of life.

What fuel consumed allowed such energy explosions which spurred on metabolic processes which threw off extra water and byproducts of fat metabolism to the point of throwing off excess weight rapidly and maintaining it through a refeeding.

Or as I would say: Science! 😉

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