Trumping Hope…

As I’m sure you heard in the past few weeks:

“50,000 people die from the flu every year and nobody gives a shit!”

It bares repeating, It’s not that no one gives a shit it just that we have accepted it as normal.

I know something that kills almost 50% more people than the flu every year which we have come to accept as a statistic, prescription drug deaths.

70,000 deaths from correctly, legally prescribed drugs have occurred per year over the past couple of years.

We accept 70,000 thousand deaths for the same reason we accept 250 deaths per day on American operating tables, we know that by and large drugs and surgery do more good than harm (That in itself is a controversial statement because there might be a massive overprescription of drugs (especially opioids) and less inclination towards more conservative treatments.) They certainly did in my dads case, keeping him alive for an extra decade.

I don’t know if Dr. Trumps prescription of Hydroxycloroquine + Azithromycin is a miracle cure but it does present a hope. But all of the sudden there are massive concerns hurumphing on any rays of hope.

“It hasn’t been effectively studied!”

“It has side effects!”

Well, I know about 100K guinea pigs world wide that wouldn’t mind a crack at a large scale study. And studies are of course important but Vioxx was studied and approved by the FDA before it killed several hundred thousand people and was pulled from the market. Every drug pulled from the market was once FDA approved.

And no shit it has side effects, EVERY drug has side effects. Hydroxycloroquine works by allowing zinc to enter cells which shuts down viral replication and Azithromyocin prevents bacteria from growing by interfering with their protein synthesis.

Do you think fucking with cellular metabolism and interfering with protein synthesis might whack something else in the body off kilter?

Why in a country where tens of thousands of deaths from the flu and legally prescribed drugs are accepted are we scared to move forward with an experimental drug where we have known the risks and mechanisms for decades?

Well part of it is the current President. The media is like Captain Ahab hunting Moby Dick since he breached the escalator in 2015. This is the 8th inning (at least, I pray) for a deranged media which desperately wants to harpoon this whale and *NEEDS* this crisis to continue so they can finally succeed in driving him from office. In their mind a COVID-19 death is more important than any of the 50k flu death and a side effect from Hydroxycloroquine is more important than any of the other 70K prescription drug deaths because they can blame Trump.

No surprise there.

But more importantly throwing up the yellow caution tape at this point might lead us to put a shining spotlight on some uncomfortable people perched in their offices in the CDC and the FDA.

Americans have the most expensive health care on Planet Tres and that doesn’t necessarily translate to the best health care. Government bureaucracy and red tape makes healthcare expensive and less deliverable then other countries. Some of the more cynical amongst us, not me of course 😉, might throw around terms like “Monopolies” and “Cartels”, and suggest the ease with which certain individuals gracefully move from the private corporate medical boardrooms to the Public service bodies which regulate said corporations we wonder if they are protecting monied interests and not health.

If we are able to cure what has been MARKETED as the greatest pandemic in the past century in the span of a couple of weeks by rolling out a relatively inexpensive malaria drug which has been sitting on the Pharmacists shelves since the Eisenhower administration then a lot of vaccine manufactures will miss out on the great patent hunt! I weep with the rest of humanity when I think of the legal fees that won’t be accrued.

More importantly, MOST IMPORTANTLY, we might start asking pesky questions of other never ending plagues.

Have we really not figured out how to cure HIV after 4 decades? I mean (Wink wink 😉) it’s great that we have managed to turn HIV from a death sentence within a decade into a chronic lifelong condition that needs a battery of antiretroviral cocktails (Insert 😉 here, again, if you missed the irony).

Is the runaway gene expression of cancer that hard to figure out after all these years and billions spent?

And diabetes? There’s tons of people that reversed diabetes through carb restriction (which makes sense) but then again my dad was racking up $50K bills medical bills a month before his passing and that money was flowing into someone’s pocket.

We have come to accept the deaths from flus and drugs in large part because we were ignorant through our apathy.

No such problems now, they have our attention.

We just have to ask the uncomfortable questions now…

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