Flattened Earth and Buried Narratives…

In 2016 I was sitting at the bar in the Beijing Hooters when I met my new best friend, Asa, a soccer coach from the UK.

Before Long Asa starts going into different philosophies and theories on life, dare I say “Conspiracy Theories”, before he really drags me in.

“The Earth 🌏… flat or round?” (I trust I didn’t betray my preconceived notions with the choice of emoji)

“Hold on… I’m gonna need some time with this one.”

Asa spent the next hour explaining to me that the Earth is, point of fact, flat.

I had some problems with his theory, obviously, but having never been seriously introduced to Flat earth theory he was able to parry my seemingly meager challenges with ease.

“Why would they lie to us about this… why is the moon and the sun round… what about eclipses… and horizons…”

I don’t much remember his answers, it didn’t matter because the point was I had given such little consideration to the shape of the earth that I was too ignorant to retort. It was like me having an argument about Ballet 🩰, I know shit about ballet and anyone who knows the slightest bit about ballet could not only run legitimate circles around me but they can also bullshit me as well.

Asa then went into why the earth was flat and why “They” knew it was flat.

“When they constructed the (editors note: now world famous) Suez canal they didn’t take into account the curvature of the earth. If the earth was round you would have to bend the canal in accordance.”

“How often would they have to account for the earths curvature?”

“Every four miles.” Asa instantly and confidently answered.

Was this true? How the fuck am I supposed to know, I know as much about civil engineering as I do about Ballet.

Asa went into his second big proof:

“When they launch Ballistic missiles they don’t take into account the curvature of the earth… because there is none.” 🚀

Since my understanding of mechanical engineering is just as bad as my understanding of civil engineering (and ballet) I had to again concede the point.

Now none of this sounded right to me but Asa had his arguments on point. I told him I would look into it, which I did, I googled “the best” flat earth source on the internet, and lasted all of five minutes before I stopped giving a shit.

Honestly the earth can be flat and the moon could be made of Swiss cheese and I wouldn’t bat an eyelash, as I have no emotional investment in it.

I mean… it’s possible, right?

I’ve told the story many times and as I’m apt to do I tell it in a self deprecating manner about how I “lost” a debate to a flat earther.

In the telling of the story in several venues I have noticed something several times, friends who were involved in either mechanical engineering or were in the US Navy, absolutely disputed that missile trajectories didn’t account for the Earths curvature.

“100% bullshit. Of course we account for the earths curvature.”

“Well… I could have used you in the Beijing Hooters in 2016.”

Without getting overly technical my friends would explain how missile trajectory accounts for many variables including the earths curvature and spherical shape.

And that gets to the crux of why I post this story…What lessons can we gleam from the above fable?

The flat earth theory is pervasive on the internet, it’s existence is permitted in many forums. Even with its persistence on the internet only 2% of the population believes it. It’s just rejected outright.

More discussion and information, not less, allows for this rejection as I learned from my knowledgeable friends.

Unfortunately there are topics that can’t be discussed and get banned.

Facebook is saying, now, that maybe it acted a little too rash when they banned positive news about the effectiveness of Hydroxycloroquine in the fight against COVID last year.

You think? It’s not like it could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives or some shit.

Other topics are forbidden as well, so much so that I will have to alter their spelling in an attempt to beat the AI censors

Hunter Buyden and his Faptop
Electshun integrity

These issues have been restricted, censored and banned.

Now asking why these issues are hushed are explained as if we were children: If we listen to them, we might believe them, and that’s Dangerous.

Yes I am sure Socrates and Galileo would have something to say concerning thought expressed counter to the “reality” put forth by the alchemists of the existing paradigm.

But, as in the past, book burnings and censors don’t operate altruistically to protect US, the acts in accordance with protecting themselves.

More, not less, information is the key to intellectual freedom.

And those that demand that the gates remain closed…

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