Good Friday- 2020

You might not realize it but today is Good Friday.

It kind of snuck up on you didn’t it this year. I barely noticed myself, perhaps not shocking even for the worlds foremost bad Catholic quarantined in a County with State sanctioned Agnosticism .

This was Holy Week, which in Christian belief started with Jesus triumphant entrance into Jerusalem as a King on Sunday yet before sundown on Friday a gruesome crucifixion.

I thought of this the past few days as 2020 has been a metaphor for Holy Week 33(ish) Anno Domini.

2020 was going to be our year, wasn’t it. January 2020 was the Sunday Holy Week entrance of the King into Jerusalem full of confident disciples ready to take over the world. January was so promising that I noticed friend posting pictures this week of the shit they were doing in January and February in a “take me back” sort of way.

Has there ever been another time in your life when you look at a picture of yourself from 2-3 months before and think “What in the actual Fuck happened?”

I Imagine, similarly, Christs disciples emotions two millennia ago confidently striding next to their Humble King on Palm Sunday before the Culmination of Good Friday’s gruesomeness at Golgotha.

February was Holy Thursdays Last Supper. Nervous and Confused disciples, for the first time hearing of a great darkness descending that they Couldn’t Comprehend.

March was the agony in the Garden and the Trial before Ponticus Pilot. People fearful, yelling at each other and blaming the “others” who were different than than. Bickering. Fighting. Betrayal.

I probably wouldn’t have to tell you which day of Holy Week we are metaphorically in as we are also literally in it now. Death. Heartache. Hopelessness. Fear.

Don’t worry, the story, as it goes and if you believe has a Happy ending.

In Christian tradition Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was a necessary evil that had to take place so that the faithful could have the promise of a life eternal.

Image: Guideposts

After this cruel sacrifice we aren’t “going back” to the Old “Testaments” of entrenched orthodoxy that got us to this dark place as we have a chance to move forward with a New gospel.

I have great Faith, and not in a bullshit “like fishing” for platitudes pep talk, that from this collective death we will “resurrect” in a way that we never would have if this evil wouldn’t have happened.

While we still have the restless darkness of the first night post mortum and perhaps a full day of fear left to collectively encumber be not afraid for soon the Son ☀️ rises on a Bright New Day…

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