A cure that may enable the disease.

The last time I was really sick was in 2010 when I came back from Thailand and I had a hacking cough that took a few months to truly resolve.

I never got an official diagnosis but my roommate proclaimed it the artful title:

Asian Lung Herpes

Whatever ALH was it must have jolted my immune system something fierce because I haven’t had anything resembling a flu since, although I do get a seasonal cold once every year or two and usually after a bout of turning my immune system into a wonderland. ( 🍻)

I have never gotten a Flu shot myself as an adult, even though you get free lollipops 🍭 with them, from what I remember. I don’t shit on people for getting the Flu shot, especially the Olds, but It’s just not my thing. Some people look at me like I’m crazy to not get it but I figure if I survived ALH I can survive the flu which I never get anyway.

Reviewing all things Corona I came across these two anecdotes suggesting that the Flu Shot might make someone more susceptible to a Coronavirus (To be clear they are not referring to COVID-19 specifically, but to the entire family of Coronavirus), through some yet to be discovered mechanism.

I’m not reflexively “Anti-vaxx”, and I certainly think they have a place in modern medicine, but it seems like a severe case of binary thinking to test ONLY for effectiveness in one outcome (does it help build antibodies and thus prevent the flu, NOW) and only look at limited side effects (Does it maim or Kill, NOW). Maybe it’s just my personal inclinations towards “natural health care” but I can’t help but draw the uncomfortable conclusions that maybe artificially “curing” the flu comes with trade offs downstream. Why try to prevent a disease that kills “only” 50K a year when it has the potentiality to court worse disaster?

I’ve been a big proponent of using modern AI to figure out rapid drug regimens to stop viral replication . That’s modern science at its most beautiful and makes me most proud.

I’m also a big proponent of having a naturally strong immune system which to repel unwanted invaders: sunlight, clean eating, vitamins, exercise, Chiropractic? , all of the above and more so that you remain naturally healthy.

But with the rush to find a Corona Vaccine We have to remember that previous Vaccines have been recalled and billions have been paid out in Vaccine injuries and that’s only in the most egregious of mishaps. Proving that your Coronavirus was caused by previous exposure to a seasonal flu vaccine from years past seems like a fools errand at best.

Even worse to find out we caused more harm than good down the road.

Science, when applied correctly, produces wonders, but science guided in a chariot of fear can lead to disaster down the way…

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