The Polio Comeback Tour

I came across this article and with a little bit under two dozen polio cases in Manila Philippines 🇵🇭 reported recently, I thought it was titanically unfair what the headline and the story were saying. The article blames The Philippines Department of Health expenditure cuts and, of course, vaccination rates in the high 60s for the “reemergence” … Continue reading The Polio Comeback Tour

The “Terrifying” Rise of the Anti-Vaxxers:

*This Piece was written in September 2015 and is why I make reference to a Republican Primary debate and the then leading Republican candidate, Donald Trump (Like that will ever Happen 🙂 . Again in light of recent hysteria I feel its important to get all sides viewpoints out there. There is a certain Mythology … Continue reading The “Terrifying” Rise of the Anti-Vaxxers:

Vaccines: When Non Correlation implies Causation

*This was a piece I published Several Years ago, but with the talk of mandatory vaccines it will always be relevant. I'm probably not as "Anti-Vaxx" as many of my Chiropractic Colleagues, however possessing any Skepticism of the CDC's schedule is enough to earn the title. My position is slightly more nuanced, I believe: Vaccines … Continue reading Vaccines: When Non Correlation implies Causation