OK, Boomer… The Group that gave us the Mercedes 80’s

Right after the ravages of the War to end all wars (WWI, which obviously didn’t end all wars) you had the birth of the so-called Greatest generation.  Born from the ravages of war and a Global Flu pandemic they were weaned in the scarcity of a worldwide economic depression, they were shipping off to the second … Continue reading OK, Boomer… The Group that gave us the Mercedes 80’s

Dodging Bias, Avoiding The Kill Shot

I'm even wearing my "Chiropractor by Day, Deadly Ninja by Night" Shirt. I also keep reading his handle as "Powersperm" A couple of months ago I found myself in a Twitter argument with a Chemist with 6,000 Imaginary friends, reminding me why you shouldn’t have substantive scientific arguments with the scientific illiterate with only 280 … Continue reading Dodging Bias, Avoiding The Kill Shot

“After the Adjustment…”

There is a period in the Chiroverse that transcends the normal 3-Dimensional limitations within the time-space continuum. This period of time is simply known as: “After the Adjustment” “After the adjustment” is not a set period of time which can be quantitatively measured but is very situational dependent.  For example if a patient feels INSTANTANEOUS … Continue reading “After the Adjustment…”